Muddy Waters (pdf)

by Lynn O'Shaughnessy, Bloomberg Personal Finance
October 2002

Finding the bottom line on mutual fund fees
by Bill Deener, Dallas Morning News
May 26, 2003

The (K)oncept Plan, Model 2003
by Stephen J. Lansing,

Why you should dump your mutual funds
by Mary Rowland,

Quarterly reports don't tell your costs
by Pamela Yip, Dallas Morning News
April 7, 2003

Game Plan: Leave It To The Boss
by Elayne Demby,
September, 2002

401(k) Choices: Too Often, More Is Less
by Christopher Farrell,
October 25, 2002

Your 401(k) may be costing you a fortune
by Scott Burns,

Save More Tommorrow: Using Behavioral Economics to Increase Employee Saving
by Richard H. Thaler, Shlomo Benartzi
August, 2001

Fund Fees: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
by Nevin Adams,
August, 2002

Who Needs To Be A Millionaire? You, If You Want To Retire
by Jane White,

Mind the Gap (pdf)
by Barton Waring, Lee Harbert, and Laurence Siegel"
April, 2000

Shift from spending to saving
by Heather Draper, Rocky Mountain News
December 16, 2002

What your 401(k) future may look like
by Scott Burns,

Riding for a Fall
by William Bernstein
November 26, 2001

The lifetime cost of money management
by Scott Burns, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
January 11, 2002

How can you safe guard your own 401(k),
by Lynn O'Shaunessy, CNBC on
March 2002

A Chat with Mr. 401(k)
by Robert Barker, BusinessWeek online
July 20, 2001

The Empowerment Myth
by Elayne Robertson Demby,Plan Sponsor Magazine

July 2001

Mutual Fund Directors: The Dog that Didn't Bark,
by John C. Bogle,
President of Bogle Financial Markets Research Center,
founder and past chairman of The Vanguard Group
January 28, 2001

Web Trading Could Dent Lots of 401(k)s,
by Christopher Farrell, BusinessWeek online
October 6, 2000



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